Conquering Stress

There are two types of stress that we want to address.

  1. The first is normal stress, something that keeps us alert and helps us pay bills on time, get to an appointment on time, and function in a world that demands much from us. This stress is connected to a natural ability for our body and mind to stay alert, react responsibly, and even think clearly.
  2. The second type of stress is chronic, and often found in individuals with social anxiety, and certainly in those with generalized anxiety. The secondary type of stress is what this blog is intended to speak to and speak about.

When we are overly anxious, and our stress remains consistent, it hammers our mind, our body, and our ability to be the person we want to be.

It is no mystery two signs that stress is perhaps one of the most damaging factors we can deal with. It attacks the heart, the digestive system, The reproductive system, and many others, all while lowering our immune systems ability to respond by spiking cortisol levels.

So why is this not a bigger factor in this world we live in? I am honestly baffled at how few people, including medical professionals, take stress at its face value. We fully grasp the harm it can cause, yet it is one of the most dismissed feelings. Even when it can lead to depression, or disturb our positive reframing (something I spoke about in my last blog).

Personally, I feel that stress is even more important to address than a broken bone, and I certainly hope it, as well as all mental health obstacles, are addressed with more thought and seriousness, even though they remain unseen by current technology.

Now that we have an idea that stress is both very serious, and also that it is often skirted under the rug, so to speak, what are some great ways to deal with stress?

The truth is that there are multiple avenues to lowering our stress levels. Finding your ideal “cocktail of calm” as I like to call it. However, I will talk of some of my favorite ways that help me minimize stress and find my center. Please always feel free to comment or ask questions as there are always deeper levels to reach.

Ways to hit back at stress:

  1. One of the most important things you can do to keep stress at bay is get consistent sleep. The amount of sleep required for each person will they be slightly dependent on variables such as age and how active someone is. It is always a good idea to ask your doctor for health needs. For me, eight hours is ideal because I am extremely active. The key is consistency. Just because it is the weekend, do not push to stay up later. Our bodies learn what time we wake and sleep, so staying consistent actually helps get us into a rhythm and stay there.
  2. Exercise is an invaluable tool. This is often misunderstood. Exercise is a range, and does not require exhaustion and sweat. Simply taking a walk can help, or even standing up every few hours and stretching. The key is being active and letting your body move. When I feel most at stress, even taking a five minute break the pace back-and-forth actually does help.
  3. Meditation is a phenomenal stress reliever. It helps us focus on releasing stress, or focusing only on one particular thing, like breathing. Being able to quiet the world is of immense value, especially when it comes to stress.
  4. Eating a healthy diet can be a phenomenal help. Much like exercise, this is something you want to have a routine for. Eating healthy for one day will not really help much, but consistently making the right choices will put your body in a state that is ideal to lower stress.
  5. Going outside and getting into nature is something that really helps a lot of people. For me, it is a bit of a struggle because I also fight OCD, and I often prefer to work out inside. That has been difficult with the pandemic, but if you do not mind hopping outside, sunlight, air, and just the quiet breeze can help calm our pounding heart.
  6. Remembering to stay in the moment. The more we focus on our past and what mistakes we made, or our future and what we want to accomplish, the more likely we are to miss out on the very moment we are in. For me, achieving things instantly is something I desire, but this activates stress. The more I am able to remain in the moment and focused on the here and now, easier it is to let go of both past and future concerns, regrets, and fears.
  7. Yoga. To me, this activity is a mixture of both exercise and meditation, and is greatly helpful. You can always combine this with getting outside we’re going to a place you love and feel relaxed in, combining many of the previously mentioned techniques to help alleviate said stress.
  8. Most importantly, breathing. There are many breathing techniques they can help alleviate stress very quickly. I personally like to breathe in for 4-6 seconds (this will vary by person and technique), hold for a second, and exhale for double the time I breathe in. Again, there are mini breathing techniques that I find quite helpful, so explore and find what works for you.
  9. For many people, spending time with loved ones or friends in a social setting can also help. For others, being secluded could be a better option.
  10. If you have a lot of things you need to get done, make a list and start small. Personally, I prefer to make my list on Post-its. Then each time I get one thing done, I can crunch it up and toss it into the recycle bin. There’s something satisfying about seeing something on my to do list vanishing.
  11. There are definitely some apps in the visual representations to help with breathing and stress.

The key part about finding the right way to alleviate stress is to enjoy the journey. We are all different and there are so many different ways that are “right“. What matters most is that you work on keeping stress to a minimum while succeeding as best as you can.

If you are truly struggling to find some relief from anxiety or stress, I would highly suggest seeking out a mental health professional who can help guide you. Like this blog, there are many people with wonderful advice, but when it comes to your health I cannot advocate enough when it comes to finding professional guidance from a trained mental health provider.

I hope this helped you and if it did, please feel free to share it with someone else that it might help.

~Kirk Patrick Miller ✨
@Chaos2Cured (IG/Twitter/CH)

Mr. Kirk Patrick Miller is a professional speaker, mental health advocate, and radio personality. His book “Chaos to Cured” and his contact information can be found at

———————— Disclaimer ———————
Mr. Kirk Patrick Miller is not licensed to practice medicine. His opinions are not meant or intended as mental health advice or guidance of any kind. Should you need help, please reach out to a mental health professional. If it’s an emergency, please call 911. (Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255)

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