As I spoke about in my last blog, patience is not only a virtue but something we desperately need to attain so that we can appreciate our present. 

One of the most profound causes of my anxiety is knowing where I want to be and knowing how far I am from it. We all experience this, that feeling of knowing what your dreams and desires are, and comparing to the current state and situation. The problem comes in when we want to achieve our dreams instantaneously, or are impatient in what we are trying to achieve.

It is often spoken that we forget to enjoy our journey because we are so focused on our destination. There are many wonderful quotes that speak to this truth. There is no question that we want to succeed and reach our dreams as fast as possible, but the truth is that we become a sensation after a lifetime of work. We achieve greatness, only after facing hardship and overcoming it. 

Whatever your dreams may be, one thing that is guaranteed to hinder your progress is a lack of patience. Rushing into anything because you think it is a shortcut is bound to have unintended consequences that are typically negative. It does not mean you shouldn’t dream big and jump at great opportunities! Each time our life provides an opportunity that can get us closer to achieving our dream, it is vital that we analyze, adapt, and drive hard towards the things that will bring us closer to what we feel we are meant to do. 

Patience does not equal inaction. It only requires that we trust that time is our advantage. Too often, I feel like I must have everything done at that very instant. This causes an influx of worry and is actually detrimental to my work. 

This is one of my largest struggles, and I am certainly not alone. So, what are some things that I have found to be useful in tackling and extending my patience? (I would absolutely love to hear some suggestions from anyone reading this. We thrive together.)


  1. Practice it. I know, easier said than done. Ways that you can practice it typically depend on what things try your patience. For me, waiting for information is frustrating. One of the best things I can do is step away from technology and go research at a library. It delays my gratification, and forces me to be more cautious and deliver it being effective and efficient with my time. Even with watching TV, utilize an application that forces you to watch commercials. During those commercials, get up, do something, and remember that not everything in life streams endlessly and at your own pace. 
  2. Question yourself on why you are impatient. What is the reason behind needing something instantly? Is it a necessity, or desire? When we understand why we are rushing towards something, it makes it far easier to analyze the overall situation and take an objective view of our desires. 
  3. Practice gratitude. Remember that part of what you are feeling, the discomfort of being in the now, much of our current discomfort is a lack of gratitude for our current situation. No matter how bad things are, I have been in a situation where I only got to eat once a day, and the only thing I could afford was from Burger King. I would order two double burgers plain, which came out to around three dollars. I was never aware of how grateful I should have been to even eat. I was too focused on my situation, both financially and emotionally to see the blessings I did have. When we forget the many wonderful things, we get to experience each day, it is easy to lose sight of why we fight onwards. Being grateful does not mean being detached from reality. It simply means finding everything good in your life and making sure to remember it, no matter how dark things are. 
  4. Meditation, yoga/exercise, and breathing. I know that everyone has heard about the benefits of the above mentioned three. I am still not as good about practicing meditation. I do a little better with exercise, for when I am working the world vanishes and I have to focus on my motions to avoid injury. Meditation, all on its own, can help us be more aware of ourselves, our true intent behind our desires, and can absolutely help us reach a more calm and patient state of mind.
  5. Good nutrition and sleep. Just like number four, many of us are constantly preached to about good nutrition and consistent sleeping patterns. The truth is that there are many peer reviewed studies showing the extreme benefit of good sleep and nutrition. Not only for our overall mental health and physical well-being, but for anything we wish to achieve. It’s a fairly good answer for just about anything you need to improve upon, in all honesty. 
  6. Lastly, you need to accept where you currently are and see time as a friend, instead of an enemy. I will be doing a very special blog about time, and I have waited for a long time to analyze exactly what I wanted to say. When I speak about seeing time as a friend, I am fully aware of just how challenging that can feel and be. I have fought against it my entire life, and I’m only recently starting to see time as an ally.

Whatever our dreams contain, each and every current moment is worth celebrating. We deserve time to enjoy our life, our journey, and how far we have come. It is important to be mindful of the future and driven towards achieving that which we want most. However, we cannot let our desires strip us of the humanity to reach said dreams with grace and dignity. 

I wish everyone well and please share the blog if you enjoyed it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions. 


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Mr. Kirk Patrick Miller is a professional speaker, mental health advocate, and radio personality. His book “Chaos to Cured” and his contact information can be found at 

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