S2 Ep. 31: What Bipolar Feels Like

Welcome to a poignant discussion on Bipolar Disorder, a condition often cloaked in misunderstanding and prejudice, which obscures the true tumultuous experiences of those living with it. In this episode, we unmask the harrowing reality of battling between the excessive, consuming energy of manic episodes and the debilitating, crushing lows of depressive phases, a battle that sadly sees an increased number of individuals succumb to suicide.

This is not just a journey through emotional extremes; it is a revelation of the invisible, inner turmoil and the struggle for awareness and comprehension in a world that seems to be moving in another dimension. The world feels as if it is either racing past or moving painstakingly slow, heightening the sense of isolation and the feelings of being misunderstood.

Studies and statistics illustrate a stark truth, showing an alarming increase in suicide rates among those with Bipolar Disorder. This underscores the urgent need for a deeper understanding, compassion, and support for those living with this condition. It’s high time we break away from the stigmas and misjudgments and start treating Bipolar Disorder with the seriousness, empathy, and respect it deserves, offering a helping hand to those silently screaming for help in their mind’s chaotic silence.

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Kirk Patrick Miller is an award-winning and nominated author. His medication protocol (that shows clinical value in meta-studies) led to requests for him to write and publish his memoir “Chaos to Cured”.

He began consulting children, adults, and families in 2009 under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Robert Simon, MD. Mr. Miller’s first-hand experience overcoming mental health adversities has helped him guide hundreds of students and clients toward a life of empowerment and resiliency.

Mr. Miller is currently taking on clients willing to face themselves and stay the course. He can also be hired as a radio/podcast guest, or as a keynote speaker.

Mr. Miller continues to thrive and manage his bipolar I, OCD, generalized anxiety, and ADHD, against all odds. His mission is to help others achieve the happiness they deserve.

CONTACT: 303-875-4283 | realchaos2cured@gmail.com 

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Jeffrey N. Freed, M.A.T has specialized in working with both gifted children and people with autism for over 35 years. Jeffrey is the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Right Brained Children In a Left-Brained World” and co-author of “Four Weeks To An Organized Life For People With ADD”. Jeffrey is currently working exclusively with children and adults on the autistic spectrum.

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