S3 Ep. 2: Parenting and Social Media

In this thought-provoking episode titled ‘Parenting and Social Media,’ we delve into the digital addiction ensnaring both the young and the old. The pervasive reach of social media brings with it access to content that can disturb and distort, contributing to a society increasingly resembling dystopia.

Studies, legislative attention, and real-world consequences underline the urgency of addressing this issue. As children clamor for more screen time, often resorting to extreme measures, the onus falls on adults to respond with tranquility, quelling the storm without fueling the fire.

Inspired by the compelling narrative and statistics in ‘Glow Kids,’ we dissect the impact of social media on our lives and mental health, offering strategies for parents navigating this tumultuous landscape.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into combating digital addiction and fostering a balanced relationship with technology.

Research Note: The book “Glow Kids” by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an excellent resource that discusses the psychological and developmental impacts of screen addiction on children. For the latest studies and insights, academic databases like Google Scholar, PubMed, and JSTOR, as well as official reports from organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), can offer valuable information on the effects of social media and digital consumption across different age groups.

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Kirk Patrick Miller is an award-winning and nominated author. His medication protocol (that shows clinical value in meta-studies) led to requests for him to write and publish his memoir “Chaos to Cured”.

He began consulting children, adults, and families in 2009 under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Robert Simon, MD. Mr. Miller’s first-hand experience overcoming mental health adversities has helped him guide hundreds of students and clients toward a life of empowerment and resiliency.

Mr. Miller is currently taking on clients willing to face themselves and stay the course. He can also be hired as a radio/podcast guest, or as a keynote speaker.

Mr. Miller continues to thrive and manage his bipolar I, OCD, generalized anxiety, and ADHD, against all odds. His mission is to help others achieve the happiness they deserve.

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Jeffrey N. Freed, M.A.T has specialized in working with both gifted children and people with autism for over 35 years. Jeffrey is the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Right Brained Children In a Left-Brained World” and co-author of “Four Weeks To An Organized Life For People With ADD”. Jeffrey is currently working exclusively with children and adults on the autistic spectrum.

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