S3 Ep. 3: Self-Acceptance and Love

In today’s special episode, we’re joined by Dr. Denise McDermott, a trailblazer in the realm of mental health, renowned for her ‘Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond’ approach.

Together, we embark on an insightful exploration into the nuances of self-perception, the unnecessary stigmas that linger around mental health discussions, and the unparalleled importance of empathy in our interactions.

Dr. McDermott draws from her extensive experience to provide us with the tools and understanding needed to find and nurture happiness in our lives.

Our conversation aims to challenge the conventional narratives surrounding mental health, encouraging a shift in perception to view it with the same normalcy as visiting the dentist or eye doctor.

Through Dr. McDermott’s expert lens, we delve into practical strategies for embracing our unique neurostyles and fostering a world brimming with empathy and joy.

Tune in to this transformative dialogue that promises to not only enlighten but also inspire a journey towards a more empathetic and happy existence.

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Kirk Patrick Miller is an award-winning and nominated author. His medication protocol (that shows clinical value in meta-studies) led to requests for him to write and publish his memoir “Chaos to Cured”.

He began consulting children, adults, and families in 2009 under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Robert Simon, MD. Mr. Miller’s first-hand experience overcoming mental health adversities has helped him guide hundreds of students and clients toward a life of empowerment and resiliency.

Mr. Miller is currently taking on clients willing to face themselves and stay the course. He can also be hired as a radio/podcast guest, or as a keynote speaker.

Mr. Miller continues to thrive and manage his bipolar I, OCD, generalized anxiety, and ADHD, against all odds. His mission is to help others achieve the happiness they deserve.

CONTACT: 303-875-4283 | realchaos2cured@gmail.com 

Follow Kirk on social media: @Chaos2Cured on Instagram | Twitter | Clubhouse | LinkedIn | YouTube | www.chaos2cured.com

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Jeffrey N. Freed, M.A.T has specialized in working with both gifted children and people with autism for over 35 years. Jeffrey is the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Right Brained Children In a Left-Brained World” and co-author of “Four Weeks To An Organized Life For People With ADD”. Jeffrey is currently working exclusively with children and adults on the autistic spectrum.

CONTACT: 720-320-6398 | jeffreyfreed48@gmail.com




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Dr. Denise McDermott is a psychiatrist and a pioneer in the field of mental health who coined the term ‘Neurostyle.’ She believes that each brain, like each person, has its distinct manner of interacting with the world—a perspective that opens the door to self-empowerment.

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