I’ve just finished reading an interesting book written by an acquaintance of mine, Kirk Miller, describing his life with Bipolar 1, his body’s resistance to most conventional bipolar meds, and how he stumbled upon a medication that he believes to have cured his mental illness. I urge you to read his memoir, because some of his highs and lows are so familiar to me, as well as so many of the side effects he truly suffered from while taking the “typical” meds. I do not believe he tried ECT so for those of you adverse to the thought of electric shock as therapy for bipolar, perhaps this book is worth a look. It’s a fast read, and inexpensive. You can download it onto a Kindle for less than $4. And best of all? All of his net profits from sales of these books will be donated to the “Healing Unique Minds Foundation”, which provides research and aid to bipolar patients. If nothing else has worked for you, read Kirk’s book and talk to your doc. See where things take you from there. Thanks. #chaostocured (