Laura Marchildon

Even though Kirk was seen by numerous physicians, due to his unregulated behaviors, he did not receive his Bipolar 1 diagnosis until his 20’s. “Chaos to Cured” by Kirk Patrick Miller, is a true story about the author himself, his continual cycling between grandiose behavior, savage bursts of rage, paranoia, and his depths of depression. Once properly diagnosed, Kirk was to begin his tormented trials for medications to bring himself and his family some form of relief. After the typical raising/lowering, adding/removing of various medications, and dealing with the multitude of side effects, Kirk had had enough and decided to take his mental wellness into his own hands. After doing much research, he took it upon himself to experiment with a unique way of battling his Bipolar 1 disorder. Throughout this book, “Chaos to Cured”, Kirk Patrick Miller describes why he searched in the direction he did, how he implemented his plan, and his almost unbelievable results. (