S.G Markov

I just finished reading Chaos to Cured–my first kindle book–and feel a surge of hope because of it. I sent a copy to my bipolar son and hope that he, too, will find in this book’s story reason to hope in his ongoing struggle with bipolar disorder. Parents and other loved ones of a person with the bipolar diagnosis ought also to read it because it clarifies the feelings of the bipolar person both in mania and in depression as well as in recovery. Some of these feelings we have not been able to imagine on our own. There are many of my (and my son’s) friends and relatives to whom I’d like to send a copy because some of them have displayed the attitude that the bipolar person should stop disrupting everyone else’s life, should just take his/her meds, stop feeling sorry for themselves, and DECIDE to get better. Some of these people don’t even believe in the existence of mental illnesses. They do not even glimpse the physical effects this illness has on the body; it is not solely, maybe not even primarily, a MENTAL illness. Most of the un-understanding can be forgiven because bipolar disorder is not easily understood by anyone, neither by psychiatrists nor even by those afflicted with manic depression. The book is well written, a quick and easy read, and it is hope-inspiring for all of those who are in despair or mania because they are bipolar or who are in despair because they love someone who is bipolar. Many thanks to the author and best wishes for his continued good health and happiness.